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The Emerald Isle in the Caribbean, Montserrat is so named due to the island’s resemblance to that of Ireland’s and its Irish population. Road littered with volcanic rocks, not one stoplight in the entire island and a handful of hotel and guesthouses, Montserrat offer its guests a different Caribbean experience. The first settlers of Montserrat, the Caribs calls the island Alliouagana – Land of the Prickly Bush – due to its rough terrain. Christopher Columbus, when he claimed the island for Spain had the same idea – he named it Santa Maria de Montserrate. He named it after the Blessed Virgin of the Monastery of Montserrat that is perch on top of the Mountain of Montserrat. Though majority of its early European settlers were Irish, it was the British who was able to take control of the island. At one point, the French (aided by the Irish), was able to seize control from the British. However, after the Treaty of Paris was signed, the island reverted back to British rule.