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The biggest island in the Caribbean, Cuba is a haven for tourists who wants a little of everything: mountain ranges, plains, bays and gorgeous beaches. Located where the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean meet, Cuba is prone to hurricanes, but during the summer season, it has the most pleasant tropical weather. Cuba had a tumultuous past, having its fair share of revolutions and uprisings. From insurgence from the Spanish colonizers to fighting off modern day capitalists, Cuba’s history and culture was molded. Cuba Nevertheless, Cuba remains one of the most visited island in the Caribbean. Magnificent architecture, thriving party vibe, fine white sand beaches, Cuba manages to move towards the future while being able to keep its environment pristine. Havana, the capital city, is a vibrant thriving city that exudes the rich history and culture of the Cubans. Impressive Spanish colonial architecture is still visible throughout the city, while musicians line the streets, belting out sensual rumba beats. Hurricane season hits Cuba between the months of August and November, and it is advised to avoid flying in to the island during this time, as it can wreck the perfect vacation. While the tourist peak season makes the island’s temporary population soaring from December to April, it also promises the best holiday weather in the island. Locals take their own holidays in the months of July and August, so you can also expect crowded beaches throughout the island.